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5 Expert Tips for Optimizing Your LSA Campaign

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs), a new advertising option for lawyers and law firms, provides a targeted and effective way to reach new potential clients in your area. Follow these 5 expert tips to optimize your LSA campaign:

Tip 1: Expand your Service Area

Broadening the service area for your LSA will expand your reach. Consider adding neighboring counties and—if you are licensed to practice in a neighboring state–add the adjacent towns there as well.

Tip 2: Solicit Reviews from Clients

The importance of favorable Google Business reviews cannot be overstated. Taking a few key steps to solicit reviews from clients can improve your LSA performance:

  • Follow up with clients, thanking them for their business and asking them to leave a review
  • Provide a link to your Google Business Profile so that your clients can easily click on your link, rate your business, and leave a review

Tip 3: Maximize Your Budget: Maximize Your Leads

Bidding on leads enables you to move your LSA higher up on the search results, bringing more potential clients to your business. To maximize your leads and optimize your budget, select

“Maximize Leads” instead of the “Max Per Lead” bidding strategy:

  • Let Google set your bid
  • For optimal results, set a minimum budget of 10 leads per week
  • Sign into your LSA lead inbox and select “Maximum Leads” in the Budget section

Tip 4: Add New Service Options

Stay abreast of new service options that Google offers LSA account owners. Consider opting into message leads to connect with potential customers via text, a significant savings over the cost of a phone call lead. If you use an integrated CRM partner, Google offers a booking feature to allow potential clients to book directly through your LSA.

Tip 5: Be Responsive: Manage Your Leads

When a potential client finds your LSA, they may send a message request to contact you or call the Google forwarding number listed in your ad. Don’t miss a lead:

  • Make sure you are signed up for notifications about new leads in your lead inbox or LSA app
  • Review all phone calls and messages promptly
  • Respond to each lead in a timely manner and follow up

Experienced Marketing Team Has Track Record of Success Growing Law Practices

Staying active on your LSA dashboard and familiarizing yourself with all the features and services of the Google LSA platform is important to optimize your LSA campaign. But that takes dedication and time. At Above the Bar Marketing, we understand the challenges of marketing your law firm while taking on cases and serving your clients. Our experienced team has a track record of success helping our clients grow their law practices with Google Local Service Ads. Contact us today to learn how we can help your law firm.

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