5 Reasons Your Law Firm Should be on Social Media

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If your firm is not active on social media, you probably should be. Social media has evolved tremendously over the past decade. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook, originally used for personal purposes, have blossomed into successful tools for businesses looking to reach new clientele.

Below are five reasons why you should be sure to create a social media presence for your law firm.

1. Doing so creates brand recognition

If your firm is on social media, people can begin to see it, and recognize it in other places. People tend to buy from brands they recognize. It is important that your brand has a logo that is easy to spot and recognizable.

2. Social media allows you to tell your firm’s story

People also tend to buy from brands with which they can connect. If you can successfully portray your brand’s story through social media, you can connect with more customers and expand your clientele. It is also common for people to strive to support small, local businesses. Therefore, if you connect with your local audience, you are creating an even larger audience.

3. It can perform as an important customer service tool

Since most social media platforms have a private messaging system, they are a suitable place for customer service relations. It can often be hard to get ahold of a customer service representative on the phone, and you must suffer long wait times. With social media, a customer can simply send you their question, and wait for a response.

4. It can direct more traffic to your website

A social post can direct customers directly to your website! You can link your website in your posts or in your bio for easy access. You can even plan to post certain things concurrent with the time that they will be posted to your website with a call to action to visit the page on the site.

5. It can be used to establish authority

Your social media accounts can be used to teach people about your business. Make sure people know all about what you offer, what your values are, how you serve customers, and how you can help them solve the problems they face!

“I don’t think I have time to keep up with social media.”

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