5 Types of Social Media Content That Will Drive Your Firm’s Success

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Did you know that there are specific types of content that you should use to boost your firm’s success? They consist of video, images, text-based posts, stories, and live video. Hopefully you are already using these types of content. If not, continue reading to find out why you need to be!


If you are not utilizing video in your marketing efforts, you need to start now. No matter what you are trying to accomplish with your social media marketing efforts, video can help. Read our blog on how your firm can use video to attract clients.


Images are the most frequently posted content across all social media platforms. Images can give clients an immediate impression of your firm. Social media users like to see a post that is convenient, easily accessible, and quick to look at. Images could add the extra dimension your firm needs to grab the attention of more clients.

Text-Based Posts

Clients want information. Written content is one of the most valuable forms of content that you should utilize for your firm’s success. Did you know, 53% of consumers like or follow a brand’s page to learn about their products or services, and 52% of consumers do the same to stay up to date on the company’s news? What better reason than that to use text-based posts to provide consumers with the information they are looking for!


Since stories are at the top of each platform, they are often seen more by clients than a particular post. They can also be highly interactive with a poll or a vote, which is appealing to users. Your brand can use a story to convey its personality with things such as stickers, drawings, filters, and more!

Live Video

This type of content allows firms to interact with their clients live, enabling them to ask questions, comment, and react instantly! It also creates a feeling of togetherness and unity between the firm and the client. The video captured from the livestream can also be saved and repurposed for later use!