6 Tips for Writing an Interesting Legal Blog

Table of Contents

Kind of ironic to write a blog about blog writing, isn’t it? Well, we are doing it! Here are six tips you should follow to take your legal blog writing to the next level:

1. Research topics that fill a knowledge gap or have high interest.

Write about something interesting! Legal blogs can get boring, but they do not have to be. Here are a few examples you could use for your next legal blog:

– Answer your most frequently asked questions.

– Explain a new law or statute.

– Address a significant court ruling made in your area.

2. Write in shorter sentences.

When it comes to online writing, keep your sentences short and sweet. People are looking for something easy to read and understand. If you use long sentences, your reader will likely move to a blog that is easier to read and understand.

3. Talk TO your reader, not at them.

Take this for example:

– Defendants must always hire an attorney as soon as they believe they are under investigation for a crime.

– As soon as you think you are under investigation for a crime, hire an experienced attorney!

Which of these is more fun for you to read?

4. Write in plain English.

Not everyone understands what lawyers deem as “common” legal terms. If someone comes to your blog to learn something and cannot simply understand the words on the page, they will go elsewhere to find the information they are seeking. Write in simple, everyday terms to keep your readers engaged and on your website! Don’t think of this as “dumbing yourself down.” Instead, get on the same level as your readers to teach them, help them understand, and add value to their lives.

5. Don’t be afraid of space.

When you see huge paragraphs, you probably don’t get excited. You are not alone. People are more likely to read a blog with many short sections rather than a few large ones. You can break up your blog by using bullet points or numbered lists. Give your reader’s eyes a rest!

6. Get excited!

How would you expect readers to be excited if you are not excited to write about your topic? Your enthusiasm while writing will show itself on the pages, and your readers will feel it. Don’t allow your writing to be dull.