Are “Meet the Team” Posts Beneficial?

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Social media users want to feel like they know the people they are following. With regards to a law firm, they want to see the human side of your firm as well as the informational side. A great way to achieve this is by posting about your team members because doing so:

Harnesses Employee Advocacy

Your employees are the face of your firm. Employees’ viewpoints and opinions on their position and your firm are the most practical examples of your firm’s culture, mission, and values. By posting “meet the team” or similar content, viewers can get a real feel of who your firm is and what your firm values.

Humanizes Your Firm

Humanizing your brand is a great way to develop authentic relationships with your followers. Doing so can generate an abundance of qualified leads and potential clients for your firm. For example, if your firm is heavily involved in serving your community, posting that involvement to social media will portray that you are more than just a law firm with knowledge and trial skills, but also compassion, care, and pride for your community.

Engages Your Audience

According to research, brands that post about their employees are considered more authentic, approachable, and engaging. Making your employees feel like valued team members is essential, and posting them on social media can achieve that goal. It also encourages people to hire your firm because it shows that you care about your clients and your employees, who make your firm operate day in and day out.