ATB Founder Lindsay Marty Talks Living Life Boldly

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Bold Journey profiles people from all walks of life, but these subjects all have one thing in common: They live boldly. The publication and its associated podcast offer inspiration and guidance on working through trauma and hardship, prioritizing wellness, and overcoming imposter syndrome. 

Recently, Bold Journey connected with Lindsay Marty, our founder at Above the Bar. Lindsay shared her own battle with imposter syndrome, described how she found a balance between her personal and professional lives, and reflected on what qualities matter most when it comes to success.

Imposter Syndrome: The First Hurdle

Bold Journey often touches on imposter syndrome, both its potential impacts and the path to overcoming it. So it’s no surprise that Lindsay’s interview started with a discussion of how imposter syndrome has affected her own life and professional journey. 

“I tackled these feelings of doubt and inadequacy by focusing on the strengths and experiences that uniquely qualified me to lead and innovate in the legal marketing sector,” began Lindsay. In conversations with peers, mentors, and friends, she discovered that many people — even those who have found incredible success — have wrestled with imposter syndrome. 

That led to a key realization: “This transparency helped normalize these feelings and highlighted that they are hurdles, not stop signs.”

The Importance of Resilience

Whether the goals you’re working toward are professional or personal, you’ll run into setbacks, challenges, and losses along the way. Without Lindsay’s resilience, Above the Bar may have never come to be. 

Starting a business during the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be difficult in a number of different ways, and Lindsay dealt with a personal tragedy in her early years of entrepreneurship: losing her mother to cancer.

Contending with life-altering circumstances like these can be extraordinarily trying for even the strongest of people, but Lindsay found a key source of motivation in her family. “As a mother to three wonderful children, I’ve always been committed to demonstrating resilience and perseverance,” she told Bold Journey.

When most people talk about resilience, they’re talking about the ability to persevere in the face of obstacles. However, Lindsay notes that if you truly want to build resilience, you should take time to acknowledge and celebrate victories — even small ones. 

“I’ve found that resilience is not just about enduring but about finding ways to thrive despite the odds,” she said. “Each small success built my confidence, reminding me that I am capable and competent.”

How Lindsay’s Journey Can Help You

Strength, resilience, and a keen ability to strategize are all important when it comes to professional success. But so is forming the right partnerships. Lindsay found her own success in developing Above the Bar, and now, she’s dedicated to helping law firms achieve sustainable growth. 

Whether you’re a legal professional looking to broaden your reach or a marketing professional ready to bring a fresh perspective to the world of legal marketing, get in touch with Above the Bar — it might just be the start of a transformative new journey.