How to Create an Instagram Aesthetic that Fits Your Brand

The first thing that potential clients will notice when looking at your Instagram profile is how aesthetically pleasing it is. Consumers judge a brand within 90 seconds of seeing it for the first time, so if your profile is messy and unorganized, clients may immediately leave your page for another. The colors, the layout, the theme, the […]

Game-Changing Aspects You Must Add to Your 2023 PPC Strategy

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most significant aspects of digital marketing, and it will be for the foreseeable future. Stay on top of your PPC game in 2023 with these ten tips: 1. Update your keywords list regularly. Keywords are one of the most critical factors in digital marketing strategy. Because you must pay a certain amount for […]

6 Tips for Writing an Interesting Legal Blog

Kind of ironic to write a blog about blog writing, isn’t it? Well, we are doing it! Here are six tips you should follow to take your legal blog writing to the next level: 1. Research topics that fill a knowledge gap or have high interest. Write about something interesting! Legal blogs can get boring, but they […]

Step Up Your Social Media Marketing in 2023

Did you stay up to date with the social media marketing trends of 2022? We hope so because we already have new trends for 2023! So, next year, you must: Continue With Video Content Video has been a vital component of a successful digital marketing strategy for many years. Video is not only here to stay, […]

Lindsay Marty a Founding Member of Madison Professional Women for Good

Above the Bar Marketing Owner and CEO Lindsay Marty is always on the lookout for opportunities to connect with her contemporaries. It is in this spirit that she is devoting her time, energy, and talents as a founding member of Madison Professional Women for Good. Lindsay cannot wait to seize this opportunity to build relationships […]

Make Your Website Pop

It takes visitors a mere 50 milliseconds to form their first opinion of your website. Do not lose potential clients due to a boring website. Follow these tips to win them over within the first 50 milliseconds. Add Video to Your Landing Page An eye-catching video can immediately grab a visitor’s attention and leave them searching for more […]

The Undeniable Benefits of Call Tracking

Are you tracking calls to your firm? You should be. If not, you are missing out on valuable insight about where your prospective clients are coming from. Continue reading to learn about some of the ways your firm could benefit from call tracking. Consistently Catering to Always-On Clients If someone has a legal issue in the […]

8 Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

As you probably know, digital marketing is an ever-changing and constantly growing industry. Here are eight things you must know to succeed: 1. Video Marketing Video, video, video! Almost every social media platform strongly emphasizes video in its algorithm. In fact, 80% of people have purchased a product based on a brand’s video. 2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) […]

Why Is It Important to Check on Your Digital Marketing Analytics

Your digital marketing analytics can help you more than you can imagine. Here is why you need to be checking them regularly: To Know If Your Tactics are Working One of the best ways to check if your digital marketing tactics are working is by checking your analytics. These can show you how many website visitors you […]

Mastering Canva

Canva is one of the most popular graphic design tools for digital marketing. The use of exciting and colorful graphics could be what your firm needs to take its digital marketing to the next level. However, do not be held back because you do not know how to use it; we have attached a beginner’s […]