Rank #1 Google

Legal Marketing Myth #2 – Rank = Success

Some of the hardest meetings I have with clients is trying to help them understand that RANK in Google is dead.  I really don’t even want to have the conversation anymore, it’s just not importa...

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Click to Call icon


The last time I made a call on my cell phone I asked Siri to find me a restaurant in the area.  She gave me a list of suitable places from Google.  I chose to investigate the place that showed up seco...

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Find Everything Facebook Knows About You

Facebook Ad Policy Changes

Starting on May 25th, 2018 Facebook will be making some changes to its policies on political advertising.  With all of the media attention around the last election and Facebook’s role, we are still not s...

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Treatement of HTTPS pages

HTTPS update

Google announced last week Thursday, May 18th that they will be continuing to make steps along the same path of notifying users of domain security.  Later this year, users should expect that all sites are secu...

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