Branding Strategies for Criminal Defense Firms

Table of Contents

The job outlook for all lawyers, including those in criminal defense firms, is projected to increase over six percent by 2028. With so much saturation in the field, using expert branding as part of a law firm digital marketing campaign is an essential practice.

You must place yourself in front of the competition by efficiently reaching clients. Above The Bar Marketing combines the time-sensitive nature of criminal defense with a direct approach to winning clients to get lawyers more cases. 


Pay-per-click marketing is an efficient way to measure traffic on ads or sites. Professionals will strategically place your ads online, and you pay a fee when the user clicks the ad. Clients searching for criminal defense are doing so in a very time-sensitive manner. With this fact in mind, PPC is a quick option for firms to get ads front and center. Set a clear PPC budget with your attorney digital marketing professionals beforehand so that you do not supersede your allotment.  


Search engine optimization can require a longer build time but is very effective when aiming to reach potential clients. SEO optimization can also increase SERPs. Consider clarifying the following information across multiple platforms to increase results and ranking:

  • Niche 

Use precise terms to describe what you do and who you serve, very specifically.  

  • Directories

Online directories will likely list you whether your information is correct or not. The best approach is to approve the listing, provide accurate information, and lock it in. 

  • Maps 

Keep hours and information updated on maps for customers and improved rank. 

  • Reviews

Encourage clients to check in when they visit your firm and leave reviews during and after to keep listings fresh. 

Contact Above The Bar Marketing today to quickly and effectively communicate your brand. Make sure that your criminal defense firm is placed in front of a maximum number of potential clients.