The Undeniable Benefits of Call Tracking

Are you tracking calls to your firm? You should be. If not, you are missing out on valuable insight about where your prospective clients are coming from. Continue reading to learn about some of the ways your firm could benefit from call tracking. Consistently Catering to Always-On Clients If someone has a legal issue in the […]

You Should Be Investing in Call Tracking

If your firm is not yet budgeting for a call tracking system, you need to start doing so. Call tracking can serve benefits such as dynamic number insertion and multichannel attribution. To learn eight more benefits, read this article!

What Is Dynamic Number Insertion and Why Is It Beneficial?

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Your advertising dollars are not unlimited and it is crucial to know what is working, what needs changing, and whether your partners are making the best use of your budget. One of the best ways to accurately measure your return on investment is to take advantage of the Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). DNI is a […]