Don’t Lose Your Website Visitors to Another Site!

If a potential client visits your website and then leaves, they may never return. You may be asking yourself, “How am I supposed to keep clients from leaving my website?” Click the link below for seven tips to keep visitors on your site longer!

Leave Your Content Marketing to Our Experts

At Above the Bar Marketing, we can take care of all your content marketing needs while you focus on running your firm and representing your clients. Our wordsmiths are second to none when it comes to telling your story and connecting you with the people who need your services the most.

What is Machine Learning for Content Marketing?

You don’t need your own artificial intelligence machine to have a successful content marketing strategy. You just need to focus on publishing interesting, relevant, and useful content for your audience.

22 Tips on How to Create Quality Content

Are you stumped when it comes to creating quality marketing content? Check out these 22 tips.

6 Major Changes to Content Marketing in 2022

2022 may less than three months old but it has already ushered in six major content marketing changes.

<strong>Texting Is the New Calling</strong>

Consumers are foregoing phone calls altogether for reasons including the explosion of robo-scammers. With calls going unanswered and emails going straight into spam folders, it is crucial to take advantage of the remaining opportunity that mobile devices provide: texting. Here are five reasons that texting is replacing phone calls: Texting is more efficient: Messages can […]

2022 Law Firm Marketing Predictions

Over the past several years, the legal sector has undergone substantial changes, prompted by several factors including technological advances and client demand. Is your firm ready to take advantage of the predicted marketing opportunities in 2022?   Make The Most of Your Firm’s Website  Of all the marketing channels out there, your website is the […]

Branding Strategies for Criminal Defense Firms

Drawing of a jail cell

The job outlook for all lawyers, including those in criminal defense firms, is projected to increase over six percent by 2028. With so much saturation in the field, using expert branding as part of a law firm digital marketing campaign is an essential practice. You must place yourself in front of the competition by efficiently reaching clients. […]

Performing Keyword Research Cheat Code for Lawyers and Law Firms

When disseminating content, it is important to perform keyword and topic research. In other words, you must anticipate what your target clients would type into search engines when looking for legal services.  Create a list of topics that are relevant to your practice. What would clients search if they were trying to locate you? Examples […]