What Is Your Target Audience?

Do you know who your target audience is? If not, we can help. Click the link below for instructions on how you can develop your target demographic and ensure that you are marketing correctly to them.

Marketing Tips for Criminal Law

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Since all criminal law cases are so different, it can be hard to market for this type of law. Although, some of the basic strategies for criminal law marketing are always consistent. Follow the link to learn how to market a criminal law practice for the most growth.

2022 Law Firm Marketing Predictions

Over the past several years, the legal sector has undergone substantial changes, prompted by several factors including technological advances and client demand. Is your firm ready to take advantage of the predicted marketing opportunities in 2022?   Make The Most of Your Firm’s Website  Of all the marketing channels out there, your website is the […]

Hashtags Criminal Lawyers Should Be Using

The following hashtags associated with criminal law are currently trending. You will see the number of posts associated with each tag: -#criminaljustice (229K posts) -#criminallaw (146K posts) -#criminaljusticereform (98.5K posts) -#criminallawyer (65.5K posts) -#criminaljusticesystem (13.1K posts) -#criminallawyers (5000+ posts) -#criminalattorney (5000+ posts) -#criminalattorneys (500+ posts) -#criminallawattorney (500+ posts)  It is important to use a combination […]

How to Develop a Strong Brand for Your Criminal Defense Firm

Website Most times, when an individual is charged with a crime, they are terrified. Choosing an attorney to defend them is not a decision potential clients take lightly. Make sure that individuals’ first encounter with your website clearly articulates your abilities and successes. Ensure visual content such as iStock photos, attorney images and videos accurately […]