Will Digital Marketing Kill Traditional Marketing?

Digital marketing is cheaper, more measurable, and highly targeted compared to traditional marketing. With that being said, traditional marketing will eventually die out due to digital marketing technology. Now is the time to invest in digital marketing! Contact us today to find out how digital marketing can grow your firm. https://www.ctrify.com/online-marketing/will-digital-marketing-kill-traditional-marketing

The Growth in Digital Marketing

Analysis and statistic online services

There is no doubt that digital marketing has grown rapidly over the past few years, but exactly HOW much has it grown? Since 2015, digital marketing has grown an average of 10% each year. The industry is expected to reach $8.2 billion by the end of 2022. So what are you waiting for? Contact us […]

1/3 of Potential Clients Start Their Search for a Law Firm Online

The use of digital marketing is continuously growing in popularity. Studies show that 1/3 of all potential clients to a law firm begin their search online. Therefore, without a strong digital marketing strategy, firms are potentially losing 33% of clients to other firms. Contact Above The Bar Marketing today and let’s get started developing your […]

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Firm

Having a Facebook page for your law firm is an important first step in engaging with potential clients on that platform. Follow these tips for creating a page or let our pros handle it for you. https://www.androidauthority.com/create-delete-facebook-page-3139504/

How To Create a Great Law Firm Website

Technology is constantly evolving and so are the websites it helps create. Customer expectations are also evolving at a rapid pace. For law firms to keep up, updating the website is crucial. The website you created in 2019 might still be in good standing, but the website you built back in 1995 is well past […]