Marketing Tips & Tricks to Grow your Family Law Practice

Marketing for family law is very unique because family law attorneys are often helping people during the toughest time in their life. In order to reach the most possible clients, attorneys should strive to be marketing wherever their potential clients may be such as Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google. Having an effective marketing strategy can help […]

Website Alone Is No Longer Enough

There was a time not too long ago when simply having a web presence at all could place you on the cutting edge of attorney advertising. This may seem shocking on the surface, but not when you consider the context that the era of attorney advertising only began as recently as 1977 via the U.S. […]

2022 Law Firm Marketing Predictions

Over the past several years, the legal sector has undergone substantial changes, prompted by several factors including technological advances and client demand. Is your firm ready to take advantage of the predicted marketing opportunities in 2022?   Make The Most of Your Firm’s Website  Of all the marketing channels out there, your website is the […]

What Are Your Goals For The New Year?

New Year 2022 and 2021 written into sandy beach with waves

If there is one constant for attorneys and law firms it’s that they are competing on a playing field that is always evolving. In addition to evolving to meet the challenges posed by revised laws and increased client expectations, it is important to evolve to make the most of your marketing budget. As we navigate […]

How Family Lawyers Can Utilize Buyer Personas

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When posting content, it is easy to forget that you are not solely posting for one audience. If the proper steps are not carried out, it is additionally easy to lose track of exactly who you are curating content for.  Assign names, and pictures to each of your client personas. There will be multiple personas. […]

Content Creation Pointers for Family Lawyers

In many family law cases, empathy and understanding is necessary. Many times, your clients are maneuvering a life crisis.  During this turbulent time in their lives, some of your clients will want information quickly. They will want to view the next steps in their process, or any advice, in a succinct manner. Ensure you include […]