Google Updating Business Hours Via AI?

Google may start updating business hours on local profiles via artificial intelligence. Don’t worry; we’ll still be keeping an eye on yours to make sure it’s accurate.

Google Is Hitting the Ground Running In 2022

After the craziness of the holiday season, it is understandable that many people choose to ease into the New Year slowly. Unfortunately, 2022 is not affording the opportunity to dip your toes into the marketing waters. We have already seen two major changes that will have an effect on the ways that lawyers and law […]

What Does Google’s Algorithm Update Mean For Your Firm?

Man sitting the MacBook retina with site Google on screen

Have your local search results been fluctuating in recent months? If so, you are not alone and Google has confirmed that these fluctuations are tied to a major update to their local search algorithm. The algorithm update – the largest in more than five years – goes by the name of “Vicinity” and was rolled […]

Keeping An Eye On The Competition

Network of house icons on small round wooden blocks above a laptop computer

You have to understand who you are competing against in order to make educated decisions about how to compete with and overtake them in the legal marketplace. It is crucial to not only understand who is outperforming you, but why. There’s a Tool For That Local Search Grid is a tool that allows you to […]

Why Your Google Review Isn’t Showing Up On Your Profile

Male customer's hand pressing on smartphone screen with five-star rating

One of the most common pieces of advice that law firms and businesses receive is to encourage satisfied clients and customers to leave a review on Google. What could be better than a guaranteed five star review? Unfortunately, these guaranteed five star reviews are not even guaranteed to show up. If a review someone has […]

Getting Your Google My Business Listing In The 3 Pack

Man sitting the MacBook retina with site Google on screen

“Law firm near me”. “Lawyer near me”. “Attorney near me”. What these three Google search queries have in common is that you want to be showing up on the search engine results page for them. Ranking locally on Google is a must if you want to maximize your advertising potential on the web and connect […]