How Do Emojis and Hashtags in Captions Affect Social Media Posts?

When you write a post for a social platform, are you adding emojis and hashtags to your caption? If not, we highly suggest you begin. Here is why: The More Emojis, the Higher the Number of Interactions You may feel uncomfortable using emojis in your posts because they seem unauthentic or unprofessional. The statistics say […]

Get in the Spirit With These Halloween Hashtags

One of the best ways to gain engagement and viewers to your profile is by keeping up with current trends. You should recognize seasonal changes, events, holidays, and more on your social platforms. We all know Halloween is approaching quickly, so jump on the spooky train with the hashtags found in the link here.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtag Use

You may use hashtags on your social media profiles, but do you know if you are using them right? They may seem simple, but there are actually a few game-changing tricks to getting the most out of this modern marketing tool. Find out what they are here!

Instagram Myths: True or False?

Do you know the best practices for Instagram? Are you sure what you have heard is true? Continue reading to find the five of the most common Instagram myths, and whether they are true. Myth 1: “Paid partnership tags will reduce my reach and engagement.” It usually is not the “paid partnership” tag that leads to a decline […]

Social Media and SEO Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

Carrots and Peas Isolated on White Background

One of the great things about marketing your law firm is that the various silos of your marketing strategy complement each other and lengthen your reach into the marketplace. One such symbiotic relationship is the benefits that a robust social media presence can have on your search engine optimization (SEO). Your investment in and engagement […]

Hashtags: #Why? and #HowMany?

The hashtag symbol (#) has been around for generations. It was previously used as a stand in for a number and also referred to as a “pound key” or “hash key” on phones and keyboards. On social media, a hashtag is used to identify a post with a particular topic. Perhaps the most prominent example […]