Lawyer Awards May Not Mean as Much as You Think

When it comes to hiring an attorney, a prospective client has so many aspects to consider, such as location, focus area, experience level, case wins, compatibility, and more. Although a lawyer with multiple legal awards can seem appealing, they are only sometimes meaningful. As an attorney, you must recognize which awards to focus on and […]

Get the Most Out of LinkedIn Creator Mode

Are you using LinkedIn creator mode for your law firm? You can use so many tricks and technical actions, but do you know how? Click here to learn how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

Tips For Building a Website That Converts

Website design desktop with laptop and tools

Search engine marketing (SEO) – whether organic or of the paid variety – is only half the battle when using digital marketing to grow your law practice. The other half is taking the qualified traffic that arrives at your website or landing page and converting them into paying clients. The following tips can make the […]

Social Media and SEO Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

Carrots and Peas Isolated on White Background

One of the great things about marketing your law firm is that the various silos of your marketing strategy complement each other and lengthen your reach into the marketplace. One such symbiotic relationship is the benefits that a robust social media presence can have on your search engine optimization (SEO). Your investment in and engagement […]

It’s Time to Focus on Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

2022 New Year Goal Plan Action text on note pad on top of wooden table

2022 is shaping up to bring many changes to the legal marketplace as individuals, families, businesses and law firms (hopefully) emerge from the pandemic. Think of how much has changed in the last two years; it is time to make sure your marketing strategy reflects the new realities we are living in. Digital Marketing Should […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Law Firm Marketing

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You decided to enter the legal profession to help people and businesses resolve the legal issues they face, not to focus on being a marketer. Like it or not, marketing is a crucial component of building your practice. Whether you are just starting your firm or you have been in business for years, you can […]

Hashtags: #Why? and #HowMany?

The hashtag symbol (#) has been around for generations. It was previously used as a stand in for a number and also referred to as a “pound key” or “hash key” on phones and keyboards. On social media, a hashtag is used to identify a post with a particular topic. Perhaps the most prominent example […]

Skyrocket Your Law Firm’s Success by Creating Buyer Personas

In your marketing plan of attack, creating buyer personas, or “client” personas, is important. It ensures you are constantly aware exactly who you are marketing to. In turn, content becomes easier to create, and more effective when it reaches your target client.   The questions you should ask when building out your client personas include: -What […]

How to Develop a Strong Brand for Your Criminal Defense Firm

Website Most times, when an individual is charged with a crime, they are terrified. Choosing an attorney to defend them is not a decision potential clients take lightly. Make sure that individuals’ first encounter with your website clearly articulates your abilities and successes. Ensure visual content such as iStock photos, attorney images and videos accurately […]

Top Hashtags Personal Injury Attorneys Should Be Using

Currently, the top ten trending instagram hashtags associated with personal injury law are: #personalinjury (448k posts) #personalinjurylawyer (179k posts) #personalinjuryattorney (107k posts) #personalinjurylaw (57.1k posts) #personalinjurylawyers (28k posts) #personalinjuryattorneys (21.2k posts) #personalinjurylawfirm (13.8k posts) #personalinjuryclaim (1,000+ posts) #personalinjurylawyerlosangeles (500+ posts) You can use a combination of these top hashtags. You can additionally use hashtags that […]