Summer Social Media Marketing Tips!

Summer is quickly approaching! This means it is time to jump into summer social media marketing tactics. People are statistically on their phones and the internet much less in the summertime, which means every post they see is crucial! Follow the link below to find some great tips for keeping your social media marketing fresh […]

Top 9 Marketing Tactics for Law Firms

Due to the ever changing realm of internet and social media, law firm’s marketing tactics must also continue to evolve. Surely firms made a large change to their tactics when the pandemic surged the world, but digital marketing is continuing to transform day by day and it is important to keep up with the technology. […]

Law Firm Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Learn about 12 things law firms should avoid doing as part of their marketing efforts.

Invest in Marketing to Grow Your Practice

Both of the most common mistakes law firms make surrounding their marketing deal with allocating their marketing budget. Avoiding these two mistakes is a key component of a successful marketing plan and positioning your practice to grow. Mistake 1: Not Spending Enough on Marketing Lawyers and law firms in their early years often make the […]

Top 15 Digital Marketing Tools

There are many tools in the digital marketing toolbox. Knowing when to use them is where we shine on behalf of our legal clients.

How Are You Feeling About Your ROI?

You may have gotten into law because it was your passion or because you had a strong desire to help people navigate the legal system. No matter what brought you here, one thing is certain: you need money coming in to keep the lights on. You will not be able to help anyone if your […]

Marketing Tactics That Worked in 2021

A few months into 2022 is the perfect time to look back and see what marketing tactics worked well in 2021. Were you satisfied with your 2021 ROI?