SEO For Personal Injury Firms

Is your personal injury firm taking advantage of the power of SEO? If not, the time to start is now! Here is why: Why You Need to Start Using SEO Proper use of SEO is vital for firms who want to succeed and gain more business. If you want to set yourself apart from other firms […]

Local SEO Tips for Personal Injury Law Firms

Do you want more local clients? “Yes. Of course, I do.” You need more local SEO. Searches such as “lawyer near me” or “lawyer in _____” are among the most searched by potential legal clients. The top search engine result spots for these pages are vied for by dozens of attorneys and firms in each market. […]

How Personal Injury Lawyers Can Ensure They Are Producing Quality Content

In the practice area of personal injury, many times, clients are unfamiliar with the law. Their tragic occurrence happened unexpectedly. They or a loved one are injured, have taken a financial hit and need help obtaining compensation. Due to the fact that many clients may be unfamiliar with how to navigate personal injury law, ensure […]

Top Hashtags Personal Injury Attorneys Should Be Using

Currently, the top ten trending instagram hashtags associated with personal injury law are: #personalinjury (448k posts) #personalinjurylawyer (179k posts) #personalinjuryattorney (107k posts) #personalinjurylaw (57.1k posts) #personalinjurylawyers (28k posts) #personalinjuryattorneys (21.2k posts) #personalinjurylawfirm (13.8k posts) #personalinjuryclaim (1,000+ posts) #personalinjurylawyerlosangeles (500+ posts) You can use a combination of these top hashtags. You can additionally use hashtags that […]