Episode 6: Building Strong Client Relationships

Legal Marketing Happy Hour welcomes attorney Lauren Underwood to discuss the crucial role of setting expectations in legal practice. The episode delves into managing client expectations, the importance of clear communication within the legal team, and strategies for navigating challenging client interactions. Attorney Underwood shares personal experiences and practical advice, emphasizing the significance of empathy, […]

Episode 5: Finding Your Niche as a Solo Attorney

Criminal and Immigration Attorney Andrew Stacer joins Lindsay and Jim on Legal Marketing Happy Hour to discuss finding your niche as a solo attorney. Watch On Youtube Listen On Apple Listen On Spotify

Episode 4: The Transformation of Digital Marketing with Attorney Chris Van Wagner

This Legal Marketing Happy Hour episode dives into the evolution of digital marketing! Hosts Lindsay and Jim chat with criminal attorney Christopher Van Wagner about how the legal landscape has transformed from Yellow Pages to social media. Listeners will hear about the challenges and opportunities of the digital age, along with a glimpse into the […]

Episode 3: Evolving Technology and Legal Changes in Criminal Cases

This legal marketing podcast explores how criminal defense lawyers adapt to evolving technology (digital forensics, social media) and legal changes. Special guests, Attorneys Aneeq Ahmad and Mindy Nolan, discuss these challenges and their impact on defense strategies, with a look towards the future of criminal justice. Watch On YouTube Listen On Apple Listen On Spotify

Episode 2: The Importance Of Online Reviews

Potential clients trust their peers! In this episode, legal marketing gurus discuss how to leverage online reviews to build trust, attract new clients, and boost your law firm’s credibility. Watch on YouTube Listen On Apple Listen On Spotify

Episode 1: Law Firm Name Changes

Legal Marketing Podcast Cover

Is your law firm considering a name change? Don’t dive in without a plan! In this episode, legal marketing experts break down the key steps to ensure a smooth transition, minimizing disruption to your brand and clients. Watch On YouTube Listen On Apple Listen On Spotify