From Lists to Leads: Using Numbered Lists to Drive Traffic To Your Law Firm Website

While there are countless ways to break down complex information for clients, numbered lists are a proven web content structure that can help your clients better understand the complexities of the law. By their very nature, lists help to organize and present information in an easily digestible format. This is valuable for both potential clients […]

Using SEO to Boost Your Firm’s Authority on the Web

Establishing your website as an authority in your practice areas is crucial to your overall digital marketing strategy. Your website is a foundational aspect of tactics such as local SEO marketing; with competition for legal services at an all-time high, you cannot afford to let your website fall by the wayside. Linking Strategies for Boosting […]

How Do We Make Local SEO Work for Law Firms?

Local SEO, such as a fully-optimized Google Business Profile, is the best way to market your brick-and-mortar firm location. With a property-implemented local SEO plan, you can effectively sell your legal services to potential clients in your area at the exact time they are searching for legal services. At Above the Bar Marketing, we focus […]

SEO For Personal Injury Firms

Is your personal injury firm taking advantage of the power of SEO? If not, the time to start is now! Here is why: Why You Need to Start Using SEO Proper use of SEO is vital for firms who want to succeed and gain more business. If you want to set yourself apart from other firms […]

Local SEO Tips for Personal Injury Law Firms

Do you want more local clients? “Yes. Of course, I do.” You need more local SEO. Searches such as “lawyer near me” or “lawyer in _____” are among the most searched by potential legal clients. The top search engine result spots for these pages are vied for by dozens of attorneys and firms in each market. […]

10 Tips for an SEO Friendly Blog Post

Utilizing SEO in a blog post can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Visit the website linked below for ten awesome tips to writing a blog post that will make the most out of SEO.

Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Are you trying to boost your firm by using SEO, but do not know how? Do not worry, follow the link below for a beginner’s guide to SEO! Make sure you execute and test these new concepts to get all the benefits!