Your Website Must Be Compatible With Mobile Devices: Here Is Why

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By 2025, there is predicted to be a 25% increase in mobile traffic. Mobile traffic is now greater than desktop traffic, and this trend is not projected to slow down any time soon. Are you aware of the many tips, tricks and tests that ensure your website is compatible with mobile devices? If not, contact […]

Three Characteristics of Effective Landing Pages

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A landing page is the page that web users land on after clicking on an advertisement. This page includes a call to action. The number of visitors to a landing page who complete the desired action averages 26%. A well-structured page can generate a considerable number of leads for a law firm marketing campaign. The following […]

Demonstrating Online Credibility as a Lawyer

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One strategy to implement is: throwing your notable case outcomes in their face. A good practice is to include such outcomes on your website biography page. Implementing a separate website page dedicated to case outcomes for your entire firm is always a successful practice as well. Content detailing notable case outcomes can be repurposed across […]

How To Create a Great Law Firm Website

Technology is constantly evolving and so are the websites it helps create. Customer expectations are also evolving at a rapid pace. For law firms to keep up, updating the website is crucial. The website you created in 2019 might still be in good standing, but the website you built back in 1995 is well past […]