Checklist for Leaving Your Marketing Provider

Table of Contents

At Above the Bar, we love that you’re considering us to handle your digital marketing needs. However, whether you move your website and related services to Above the Bar or another marketing agency, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure a smooth transition.

Do You Own Your Domain?

Chances are your current provider is the one who registered your domain; if so, there is a good chance that they own it. It may be possible to purchase the domain from them. However, they would likely charge an inflated price due to the work they’ve been doing to build up the domain under the guise of helping your law firm. A better approach is making sure your new website provider can provide you with content marketing and SEO services that can build up your new domain from scratch.

Do You Own Your Data?

It’s a shame that not everyone is as transparent about data as we are here at Above the Bar. It’s YOUR Google Analytics data, and you deserve it in your possession. Unfortunately, your current provider may hold your analytics hostage behind their proprietary systems. Make sure your prospective new provider will provide you with the transparency you deserve.

Do You Own Your Content?

Remember the content you spent hours reviewing? There’s a chance you’re only “borrowing” it while your site is on its servers. Take a closer look at your contract to determine whether you owe the content that has been getting published on your website. If not, you’ll need to invest in a new website, blog, and landing page content to ensure you can hit the ground running with your new provider.

Do You Have Any Contractual Obligations?

If you signed a long-term contract with your current provider, a hefty fee might be required to break free. This is a situation where the squeaky wheel gets the grease; don’t hesitate to complain loudly online to grease the path for your contractual release.