Content Creation Pointers for Family Lawyers

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In many family law cases, empathy and understanding is necessary. Many times, your clients are maneuvering a life crisis. 

During this turbulent time in their lives, some of your clients will want information quickly. They will want to view the next steps in their process, or any advice, in a succinct manner. Ensure you include shorter content pieces, and not solely long pieces. Shorter content pieces should be around 300-400 words. 

Make sure your content incorporates a gentle tone as necessary. You will not be using the same tone as a business lawyer content piece, for example. Incorporate words such as “compassionate” and “understanding”. Many of your clients want someone who can not only provide them with a quality case outcome, but also someone who can provide empathy throughout the process. 

Additionally, ensure content is created for all kinds of issues you handle. Many family lawyers make the mistake of only incorporating practice area pages that cover broad subject areas, such as “divorce” or “alimony”. There will be numerous times where your clients will be looking for lawyers who practice in an area that is incredibly specific to their case. Do you serve as a guardian ad litem? Can you draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements? Failing to detail all the areas you can aid in will lead to clients picking different legal counsel.