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    Creating Your Color Palette

    Your color choices matter. People who engage with your brand will see your colors before anything else. In fact, 90% of a user’s assessment of your brand will be based on color alone.

    How Many Colors Should You Choose?

    This is subjective and the choice is yours. However, having a large number of colors may come across as overly busy or anxious, so our recommendation is to limit your color palette to 2-3 colors.

    Use Colors to Increase Brand Recognition

    You can strengthen your overall message and increase brand recognition by consistently using the same colors on your website, social media, and other marketing materials. For example:

    Your Color Choices Make an Emotional Connection

    For example:

    • Red means “passionate”, “active”, “youthful”, and “exciting”.
    • Pink means “love”, “calm”, “warmth”, and “respect”.
    • Purple means “deep”, “creativity”, “original”, and “unconventional”.
    • Navy means “trust”, “order”, “loyalty”, and “sincere”.
    • Green means “balance”, “growth”, “restore”, and “sanctuary”.
    • Blue means “spirit”, “perspective”, “rescue”, and “determination”.
    • Orange means “instinct”, “optimistic”, “spontaneity”, and “freedom”.
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