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    Selecting a Font

    Choosing fonts cannot be overlooked. Your choice of fonts are nearly as important as your color choices in establishing a brand that resonates with your target audience.

    How Many Fonts?

    You need to choose at least three different fonts for your brand kit:

    1. Logo font
    2. Headline font
    3. Paragraph font

    Fonts to Avoid

    • Comic Sans: The most hated font of all. Using Comic Sans in branding materials is a good way to tell your audience that you are an unprofessional dolt who will screw up their legal matter. Don’t believe us? Even comic books don’t use comic sans for their branding materials.
    • Times New Roman: Yawn…There’s really nothing wrong with Times New Roman; there are just more interesting fonts that are better for differentiating your branding.
    • Papyrus: Papyrus is easily the second most hated font. It has been the subject of many jokes, including an SNL skit dedicated to making fun of it.
    • Brush: Brush? Let’s take the “r” out because this is one bush league font. Its attempt to emulate a signature is a joke you don’t want associated with your brand.

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