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Importance of Call Tracking
Dynamic Number Insertion
Can you imagine a world where you can truly track the return on all of your marketing dollars? Look no further; dynamic number insertion is the answer Dynamic number insertion is a feature that provides a unique phone number for each ad source. This allows advertisers to quickly zero in on what sources are working and what sources need adjustments.
Tracking the Source of a Lead
What is Form Tracking?
Tracking Return on Investment
CallRail makes it easy to measure your ROI with call tracking. This can be accomplished via one or all of the following: Visitor-level call tracking: Each visitor gets a unique phone number that follows them as they navigate throughout your site. Campaign call tracking: Each digital marketing channel (website, social media, blogs) gets its own unique phone number. Multi-channel attribution: Allows you to see which digital marketing channels were used by your prospective client on their journey.
Call Tracking
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What is CallRail?

CallRail is a digital marketing company that has taken the science of call tracking to the next level. We work closely with CallRail to provide people with the tools they need to track engagement, measure their ROI, and determine the value of their digital marketing channels.

See the attached E-Book from CallRail for more information on call tracking for law firms!

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