Game-Changing Aspects You Must Add to Your 2023 PPC Strategy

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Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most significant aspects of digital marketing, and it will be for the foreseeable future. Stay on top of your PPC game in 2023 with these ten tips:

1. Update your keywords list regularly.

Keywords are one of the most critical factors in digital marketing strategy. Because you must pay a certain amount for keywords, you should constantly check in on them and switch them up if needed.

2. Improve your website’s performance.

Ensure that your website loads quickly for visitors. We live in a society that is constantly moving and developing; people do not want to have to wait too long for a site to load. If you want to check your site’s loading abilities, you can use a tool such as GTmetrixPingdom Tools, or Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

3. Ensure your website’s secure and accessible.

Accessibility is one of the most critical factors in website design. If your website is not easy to navigate and find information on, people will likely move to the next law firm.

4. Create localized landing pages.

You should make the most of localized landing pages to target the correct audience. In addition, make sure your landing page is customized for the audience you are working for.

5. Use ad extensions.

Ad extensions are free, so if you are not already using them, you may as well start. Some of the best extensions for your PPC campaign are site links and callouts.

6. Develop a re-marketing strategy.

This is a great way to convert leads into paying clients. In addition, you can track site visitors and strategize a way to send them from relevant ads to your website or social media platforms.

7. A/B test everything.

Google Ads allows users to A/B test their ads under the experiments tab. This will enable you to create and test multiple versions of your ads to see which one will work properly.

8. Capitalize on FOMO.

Nobody likes missing out. Using scarcity and urgency can be that extra push that someone needs to make click on your website or call your office. Do not be afraid to do something different.

9. Focus on the channels that deliver the most conversions.

Once you have been campaigning with PPC for some time, you will begin to see where most client conversions come from. Once you understand, focus most of your budgeting on those platforms to make the most of your strategy.

10. Brush up on your copywriting skills.

Copyrighting is one of the most critical aspects of your PPC marketing strategy. Unfortunately, you do not have much real estate regarding PPC ads, so you must take advantage of the limited time and space you are provided.