How Are You Feeling About Your ROI?

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You may have gotten into law because it was your passion or because you had a strong desire to help people navigate the legal system. No matter what brought you here, one thing is certain: you need money coming in to keep the lights on. You will not be able to help anyone if your firm goes out of business.

In order to have money coming in you must have a well though-out marketing strategy. Marketing is no longer a “nice to have” item for attorneys; it is a “must have”. As you look back on the results of your firm’s marketing efforts – whether word of mouth, social media, web ads, etc.– do you feel like they are not delivering the ROI you need to grow your practice?

You Are Far From Alone

If you feel like your marketing strategy is failing to bring in the results you need, you are not alone. In fact, a recent survey by Call Rail found that legal marketers suspect several channels are underperforming:

  • Social Media: 47%
  • Email Marketing: 46%
  • Paid Search (PPC): 39%
  • Website: 37%
  • SEO: 35%

Chances are you do not have the time to dig into these issues on your own, nor should you. You wouldn’t recommend someone handle their own defense or write their own will, so why would you step away from what you do best to focus on handling your own marketing?

Our marketing professionals at Above the Bar Marketing can create an effective marketing strategy based on the unique attributes of your firm and provide you with regular reporting on your ROI so you can make informed decisions about where to invest your firm’s marketing dollars. Let’s grow your practice!