How Do We Make Local SEO Work for Law Firms?

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Local SEO, such as a fully-optimized Google Business Profile, is the best way to market your brick-and-mortar firm location. With a property-implemented local SEO plan, you can effectively sell your legal services to potential clients in your area at the exact time they are searching for legal services.

At Above the Bar Marketing, we focus exclusively on the proven local SEO tactics that work for lawyers and law firms. These tactics include:

We don’t engage in anything that isn’t proven to work for lawyers and law firms in digital marketing. For example, we will NEVER waste your time and money purchasing reviews, creating fake office locations, or spamming links.

The little things matter exponentially in local SEO, and you can rely on our close-knit and responsive team to stay on top of the details and make your local SEO strategy and implementation a success.

Are you ready to make local SEO work for your firm? Contact us today to find out how we can use local SEO to grow your practice!