How Family Lawyers Can Ensure They Are Found in Search

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Ensuring local marketing is optimized is especially important for family law attorneys. Facing a family law issue is often a high stress situation. Individuals are not looking to travel far to meet with their attorney. 

You must ensure your Google My Business profile is optimized. Other profiles such as Justia and Avvo should be optimized as well. Across all of these platforms, information such as your firm name, address and phone number should be consistent. Obtaining full profiles on each of these platforms is integral for SEO success.  

You can request new client reviews through these platforms. These reviews are great contributors to being found in local search. If all of your profiles are regularly updated and optimized with any new news or accomplishments, your online visibility will be heightened. 

Make sure your presence on these platforms is being utilized to its full potential. Using these profiles the right way can skyrocket your visibility.