How Family Lawyers Can Utilize Buyer Personas

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When posting content, it is easy to forget that you are not solely posting for one audience. If the proper steps are not carried out, it is additionally easy to lose track of exactly who you are curating content for. 

Assign names, and pictures to each of your client personas. There will be multiple personas. This is due to the fact that your potential clients are not all a part of the same demographic. They do not have the same pain points, or same goals. 

There may be a “Tom” to represent a middle-aged father about to go through the divorce process. Is he stressed about asset division?

“Mary” may be looking to file a restraining order against a domestic partner. How can a family lawyer compassionately guide her through this process?

Nailing down each of these details will aid you in creating content day by day. It will help in producing blog posts, social media posts and social media captions. 

Building out client personas ensures you touch on all of the content that the clients you want may be searching for.