How To Create a Great Law Firm Website

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Technology is constantly evolving and so are the websites it helps create. Customer expectations are also evolving at a rapid pace. For law firms to keep up, updating the website is crucial. The website you created in 2019 might still be in good standing, but the website you built back in 1995 is well past its prime. So, what can you do to ensure you create a great, new law firm website?

Define Greatness

The first step toward meeting your goals is to define them. Take a look at your business model, your current website and your customers. Then, decide what you need from your website. For example, you might decide that it should continue to book customers on your behalf, even during your off-hours.

Hire Professionals

The most functional and SEO-friendly websites are nearly always built by professionals. Instead of trying to complete the task on your own or with the help of a family member, hire professionals. This can make the biggest difference in how well your new law firm website performs once it goes live.

Prioritize Mobile-Friendliness

More than half of the commercial activity around the world now takes place on mobile devices. Whether someone has experienced a motor vehicle accident or believes they may face criminal charges, chances are they will use their phones to get answers. So, make your website mobile-friendly.

Set Up Automated Responses

You can save yourself a lot of time by creating automated responses to some of your most commonly asked questions. Your FAQ page presents a good starting point. The bots you use can also encourage visitors to schedule consultations for more detailed and personalized information.

These are just some of the many ways to build a law firm website that can grow your practice via effective law firm marketing. Our team at Above the Bar Marketing can help you do it. From website design to social media integration, we provide a wide range of digital marketing services. Contact us for a quote today.