How to Develop a Strong Brand for Your Criminal Defense Firm

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Most times, when an individual is charged with a crime, they are terrified. Choosing an attorney to defend them is not a decision potential clients take lightly. Make sure that individuals’ first encounter with your website clearly articulates your abilities and successes. Ensure visual content such as iStock photos, attorney images and videos accurately reflect your brand. Most of the time, your website is the first encounter potential clients will have with your firm’s brand.

Overall Digital Content

Your social media and website should host a wealth of content. Whether you write the content yourself, or outsource, your blogs, social media posts and website content should serve to establish you as an expert. Make sure to display your familiarity with many types of cases. Avoid legal jargon when composing content.


Did you know that 93 percent of consumers state that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions? (Source: Qualtrics)

Generating online reviews is crucial. When it comes to criminal cases, clients will typically describe the positive outcome of their case in their review. For you, this is a win, as it displays your ability to obtain optimal case results.