How to Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm

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Facebook has consistently been the number one platform for both marketers and consumers, so knowing how to use the algorithm is particularly important. The Facebook algorithm is constantly changing, and it is important to stay on top of how it works and how to use it to your marketing advantage.

Follow the directions below to take full advantage of Facebook.

Time your posts thoughtfully

Did you know that there is an ideal time to post on every social media platform? Learn more about how you can get your posts in front of the most eyeballs.

Make video a key part of your marketing strategy

This has been a topic of discussion for a long time. NOW is the time to start using video as part of your marketing strategy. Facebook rewards users who promote discussion and interaction. What better way to do this than a video post?

Drive discussion on your posts

Facebook wants users to create content that drives discussion and interaction. If you do this, your page and posts are more likely to be seen by other users.

Encourage people to push and promote your content

The more people who repost, like, comment or simply interact with your content in any way, the more people will see it. If your family member or friend were to repost something from your business page, it is sixteen times more likely to be seen by other people than if it were to only be on your page. A user’s Facebook feed is organized in order of relevance, and family and friend’s posts will be shown before any business-related posts.

Prioritize pictures and tags over external links

Facebook prefers to keep content on their platform instead of leading people to other sites. Therefore, it is more effective if businesses market by posting visuals and tags, rather than external links.

Make each post unique to Facebook only

It is not bad to repost something if you do not believe it got the attention that it should have. But, it is important to be sure to reword that post so that it is not a complete repeat of something that has already been posted to your page.

Start conversations in Facebook groups

Facebook groups can be a suitable place to market a new product, meet new people, or help a friend. If you start a conversation in a Facebook group, you are more likely to engage with other people than if you were to simply make an ordinary post.

Target a specific audience

A narrower audience may seem counterproductive at the beginning, but it eventually pays off. If you target to a specific audience, you do not have to waste time and money trying to reach the people who are not the main goal for your firm.

Invest in paid promotion through Facebook

While organic search and SEO are the best way to reach new people, the power of Facebook ads cannot be forgotten. Facebook ads can grab the attention of an unsuspecting user and draw them to your website.

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