Keeping An Eye On The Competition

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You have to understand who you are competing against in order to make educated decisions about how to compete with and overtake them in the legal marketplace. It is crucial to not only understand who is outperforming you, but why.

There’s a Tool For That

Local Search Grid is a tool that allows you to see an overview of how well you are performing in key SEO metrics compared to your closes competitors. These metrics include things like citations and reviews. Just as importantly, you can take a look at the Google My Business primary and additional categories they are competing in.

Having this information can build the foundation for new local SEO tactics. For example, if you notice that your closest competitors are all focused on a primary category of “legal services”, you could add additional categories that are more specific to your practice, such as “DUI defense lawyer” or “family immigration attorney” to cast a wider net.

In a competition where every quality lead counts, having access to the fine details of your competitor’s strategy can make all the difference in succeeding at the local level.

You Don’t Have To Do It Yourself

You’re busy managing a legal practice and representing your clients. You may be thinking “this is great, but I don’t have time to keep on top of this.” That’s where Above the Bar Marketing comes in. Our local SEO pros can keep tabs on your competition and execute a strategy for getting the upper hand. Contact us today to learn more.