Lawyer Awards May Not Mean as Much as You Think

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When it comes to hiring an attorney, a prospective client has so many aspects to consider, such as location, focus area, experience level, case wins, compatibility, and more. Although a lawyer with multiple legal awards can seem appealing, they are only sometimes meaningful. As an attorney, you must recognize which awards to focus on and which to stay away from to maintain credibility.

Do Not Purchase Awards

If you have to pay any amount to receive a legal award, you should steer clear of it. Have you ever received an email stating that you have been selected for an award but must pay money to claim the prize? This is precisely the type of award that we are talking about. Once you fall into one of these scams, your inbox may become flooded with more. Although, there are things you can do to prevent becoming a victim of these scams.

Research The Awards

Should you accept a legal award? Before doing so, posting about it, or uploading it to your website, find the answer to these questions:

  • What are the requirements for obtaining this award?
  • How many of these awards are granted each year?
  • Who is awarding it?
  • How long has it been in existence?

Finding the answer to these questions can help you determine if the award is legitimate, a scam, or ego-boosting. It can also be helpful to search the name of the award followed by “scam,” “ego,” or “vanity.”