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Legal research on Mobile – how has it changed the game?

Legal research has changed dramatically from the days of PC (personal computer).  No longer are marketers worried about capturing their audiences attention on HP and Dell but on Apple and Android.  Although the platforms for legal search have changed dramatically, the way prospective clients find an attorney isn’t that difficult to understand.  The platform may have changed but their research is still the same.  

The client’s path starts with the Awareness level, meaning you have to make the client aware that you exist and let them know how you can help them. This step is much faster than in the past because everything is just a few taps and clicks away!  The Engagement phase begins when a legal consumer realizes that they have an issue and that they need help to resolve it.  At this stage, your prospective clients are much more engaged.  They are looking at your website, checking out your profiles, and reading reviews.  They may be validating a referral at this stage.  The Engagement stage typically ends when the prospect takes action and Connects with the firm by calling or emailing.

So, although the platform has changed, the way you engage and connect with a client is still very similiar to how it always has been.

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