Make Your Website Pop

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It takes visitors a mere 50 milliseconds to form their first opinion of your website. Do not lose potential clients due to a boring website. Follow these tips to win them over within the first 50 milliseconds.

Add Video to Your Landing Page

An eye-catching video can immediately grab a visitor’s attention and leave them searching for more information. It can also help attract those with shorter attention spans who do not want to read a lot of information to know about what your firm does.

Implement a Large Hero Area

If you do not want to implement video into your landing page, incorporate a large hero area. A hero area is an image with a small amount of text at the top of a website’s landing page.

Use Effective Typography

You may think that simplicity is always better for website fonts, but this is not an accurate idea. Using a font that is easy to read and represents your brand is best. Ensure you do not use more than two fonts across your website.

Opt For a Single Column

A single column on your website allows all your information to be front and center. This style initially came from the introduction of smartphones and tablets. A single-column website is more mobile-friendly.

Choose the Perfect Colors

Did you know that each color has a feeling that can inflict on viewers? With that being said, you can win or lose a potential client based on color alone, without the prospect even realizing why! For example, blue evokes feelings of trust, peace, loyalty, and competence.