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No Social Media is Better Than Bad Social Media

There are few things more cringe worthy than a forced, overly contrived social media post promoting a brand, product or organization. When it comes to social media, not all publicity is good publicity. There is no rule that you have to make social media a major part of your legal marketing efforts.

Don’t get us wrong; as professional marketers we believe that social media can play a crucial role in driving engagement and keeping you in touch with potential clients, but we also know there is a right way and a wrong way to go about social media. Continue reading to learn more about the right way to do social media.

Be Authentic

People crave authenticity in our increasingly digital world. Your social media presence will serve as a first impression for many potential clients; make sure it is a good impression and, more importantly, an accurate first impression.

Don’t pretend to be something you are not. If you are not interested in the latest TikTok trend, don’t force yourself to put a video out there. If the demographics of your potential clients mean they are more likely to be found on Facebook than on Instagram, don’t force yourself to make half-hearted posts on Instagram.

Have Something to Say

Posting just to check it off your list is not good enough. If you want users to engage with your social posts you need to give them something worth engaging with. Links to informative articles and blogs, answers to frequently asked questions, and commentary on issues in your area of expertise are all good places to start.

The Bottom Line on Social Media

Be authentic, have something to say and have fun! Our social media pros can help you get started marketing your firm on social media. Contact us today to schedule a free marketing consult.

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