Digital Advertising Done Differently

“NaviStone is the proud inventor of a revolutionary marketing channel, Digitally Powered Mail. Our marketing technology platform allows brands to acquire new customers by using online intent data and delivering high-response personalized direct mail within 24 hours. As marketers experience major disruptions to digital programs including loss of third party cookies, ad blockers and Apple IOS changes, brands are looking for new ways to reconnect. At NaviStone, we turn bits and bytes from the digital world into tangible marketing with ink and paper. The result? A marketing product that helps brands grow their business and makes their customers smile. We understand the importance of privacy in this day and age. NaviStone’s approach and secure technology ensure consumer privacy every step along the way. Learn more at”

What do you do for law firms?

NaviStone gives law firms the ability to effectively remarket to unknown visitors who have shown a need for legal services but have not selected a firm yet. This allows law firms to drive greater value out of their SEO spend by retargeting those unknown visitors and turning them into new legal clients.