Performing Keyword Research Cheat Code for Lawyers and Law Firms

Table of Contents

When disseminating content, it is important to perform keyword and topic research. In other words, you must anticipate what your target clients would type into search engines when looking for legal services. 

Create a list of topics that are relevant to your practice. What would clients search if they were trying to locate you? Examples of search they may conduct could be “personal injury attorney” or “family lawyer”

What keywords are associated with these topics? For example, when taking into consideration the term “personal injury attorney”, they may search, “how can a personal injury attorney help me with my car accident case?” This particular search is referred to as a “long tail search”. One major benefit of blogs is that they do a great job of showing up in long tail search. 

Then narrow down your list. You can do research on the competition of your keywords and take a peek at what your competitors are using. These tips will guide you when creating content.