Skyrocket Your Law Firm’s Success by Creating Buyer Personas

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In your marketing plan of attack, creating buyer personas, or “client” personas, is important. It ensures you are constantly aware exactly who you are marketing to. In turn, content becomes easier to create, and more effective when it reaches your target client.  

The questions you should ask when building out your client personas include:

-What does a typical day in the life of your target client entail?

-What are the demographics of your target client? Are they married? How much money do they make per year?

-What job title does your target client typically have?

-What social media platforms does your target client pay the most attention to?

-What are the biggest challenges for your target client?

-What kind of blog posts is your target interested in reading?

These are just some of the questions that should be considered. Five different personas should be created. Each should be assigned a picture, and a name. 

Reach your target audience in the right way, by showing them what they want to see. 

This will lead to more engagement, and more leads.