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Texting Is the New Calling

Consumers are foregoing phone calls altogether for reasons including the explosion of robo-scammers. With calls going unanswered and emails going straight into spam folders, it is crucial to take advantage of the remaining opportunity that mobile devices provide: texting.

Here are five reasons that texting is replacing phone calls:

  1. Texting is more efficient: Messages can be sent, read and responded to during breaks in a client’s busy day.
  2. Texting allows both parties to get straight to the point.
  3. Surveys show that over 60% of consumers prefer texts to phone calls from a business.
  4. Texting provides the opportunity to engage in multiple ongoing conversations at once.
  5. Texting is more casual and – when in a dispute – less confrontational in nature.

For lawyers and law firms, texting is a perfect way to demonstrate that attentive service is more than something you advertise. Texting can provide your clients with quick access to ask questions and seek guidance as you work to resolve their legal issues.

Your Introverted Clients Will Thank You

Introverts make up 25-40% of the population. Introverts are notorious for going to great lengths to avoid talking on the phone; the intrusive nature of a phone call, the small talk, and the anxiety-inducing pauses in conversations are things most introverts cannot stand. They would much prefer to chat with you via text whenever possible so they can save their limited social battery.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Texting?

Our team at Above the Bar Marketing has everything you need to keep the clients and their texts coming. Contact us to learn more.

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