The Undeniable Benefits of Call Tracking

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Are you tracking calls to your firm? You should be. If not, you are missing out on valuable insight about where your prospective clients are coming from.

Continue reading to learn about some of the ways your firm could benefit from call tracking.

Consistently Catering to Always-On Clients

If someone has a legal issue in the dead of night and your firm is the only one taking calls or messages, you will likely be the attorney they choose to work on their case. People want to be able to dial your firm easily and quickly, at any time of day.

More Innovative Budget and Time Management Investments

We understand that you are always busy as an attorney. You should not waste precious time handling unimportant phone calls or dead leads. Let a call tracking system such as CallRail take this for you. On top of the time management benefit, you will also receive powerful insights about your callers and their call journey. These insights can show you where to budget more or less money into your digital marketing strategy.

Client Journey Customization

Call tracking systems
can have features such as caller ID and visitor timelines to understand your caller’s actions before calling. For example, you can tell if they came from your website, Google Business profile, or another place. You can also further the customization by creating a custom voicemail message or interactive menu.

More Efficient Work

Companies like CallRail do the hard transcribing and call tracing for you. This allows you to spend more time working on clients’ cases or attending court. Call Rail can also dig into insights and analytics such as caller’s keywords, data, location, and more.

Are you looking to add a call tracking system to your digital marketing strategy? Want more information on CallRail? Reach out to us at Above the Bar Marketing.