Three Characteristics of Effective Landing Pages

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A landing page is the page that web users land on after clicking on an advertisement. This page includes a call to action. The number of visitors to a landing page who complete the desired action averages 26%. A well-structured page can generate a considerable number of leads for a law firm marketing campaign. The following are three primary characteristics of a strong landing page.

1.  Simple

Although law is a complex field, your law firm’s landing page must simple. Include solely one call to action. This can be a phone number to call, an e-book to download or a form to complete. Focus on only one service your firm provides.

Make sure the branding is consistent with other elements of your law firm digital marketing campaign, but do not add links to those other areas. Focus on getting the visitor to complete the desired action.

2.  Direct

Make sure the call to action is located on the top half of the page. Put your contact information in the page’s header. Include testimonials or reviews. Displaying these items in an easily navigable landing page ensures that visitors have all the information needed to complete the desired action.

3. Quick

Individuals who click on attorney marketing advertisements want to find someone who can help them resolve their legal issues. Ensuring that process is quick and painless helps your law firm stand out amongst all the lawyer marketing on the web.

It is important that your page loads quickly. The average conversion rate of landing pages that load in under one second is over 30%. Longer load times result in lower conversion rates. If the desired action is for the visitor to fill out a form, make sure it only asks for necessary information and is easy to fill out.

Your law firm’s landing page should be simple, but we understand that creating one may prove complicated. Contact us today for help creating the best landing page for your law firm marketing campaign.