Tips For Building a Website That Converts

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Search engine marketing (SEO) – whether organic or of the paid variety – is only half the battle when using digital marketing to grow your law practice. The other half is taking the qualified traffic that arrives at your website or landing page and converting them into paying clients.

The following tips can make the difference between a website that seals the deal and a website that causes your potential clients to bounce away to another law firm.

Keep It Simple

Your marketing website is not a written exam in college; you are not going to win clients by overwhelming them with a massive wall of text. In fact, too much content and a design that is too busy are more likely to result in your site’s visitors crushing the back button.

Let Your Accomplishments Shine

The successful outcomes you have achieved for your past clients should be front and center in your website strategy. Including a Testimonials or Case Results page is a great way to let your past results and satisfied clients do the talking for you.

Ask Yourself: Would I Read This?

Providing users with interesting, useful and relevant content is the key to grabbing their attention and giving them a reason to engage with your site. If your content is boring you, it is definitely boring them. Question-centric content such as FAQs can speak directly to the issues facing your clients and provide additional SEO opportunities.

You do not have to put these tips into action on your own. You can rely on the design, development, content and SEO experts at Above the Bar Marketing to create and execute a customized plan for your firm while you focus on what you do best. Contact us today to get started.