What Makes ROI Tracking So Important?

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Before making any significant decisions for your law firm’s marketing strategy, you must first decide if it will benefit your firm. You can use a return on investment (ROI) tracker to measure how much revenue you may gain from it. Here at Above the Bar, we have a unique ROI tracker that uses the power of dynamic number insertion to track the source of every lead, providing you with the crucial information needed to create your marketing budget.

Prioritize the Right Things

When you successfully use an ROI tracker, you can see which marketing tactics bring your firm the most value. From there, you can decide what to prioritize and discontinue to boost your firm’s revenue and growth.

Set Your Budget

Once you know what you should be putting money into, you can get a better understanding of what your budget needs to be. In addition, you can learn to understand which tactics you should and should not invest in to generate the most revenue for your firm.

Understand Your Audience

An ROI tracker like the one we use here at Above the Bar Marketing will allow you to find the source of every lead using unique call-tracking technology. With this, you can understand where most of your leads come from and perfect your marketing strategy.

We understand that this ROI and digital marketing talk can sound confusing. But that is why we are here to help. Let us handle your digital marketing so you can continue doing what you do best: help clients resolve their legal issues. Contact our team at Above the Bar at 608-440-8518; we would love to discuss your digital marketing strategy.