What’s the Value of Content Marketing in a World of AI?

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Artificial intelligence has reached the world of content marketing, and there’s no going back. Services and platforms such as Copymatic AI and Jasper AI have made ChatGPT available to the masses, and we are now entering a new world where content created with the help of AI is likely to become the norm.

What is the value of professional content marketing in this brave new world? Continue reading to learn about the value proposition of hiring a professional to handle your online content marketing.

Quality Content Is More Valuable Than Ever

Nothing stops you or any other attorney from signing up for one of these services and using it to create hundreds of pages of AI-generated content for your website, blog, and social media profiles.

What AI cannot do is operate with emotional intelligence, make editorial decisions, and ensure that content is written in your firm’s preferred voice and from your firm’s point of view.

In an environment where anyone can effortlessly crank out piles of AI-generated content, having a professional who understands your law firm and your target audience is worth its weight in gold. Quality content that can pass through AI filters and meet Google’s quality guidelines is the only way to cut through the noise in an AI-dominated world and ensure your firm stands out.

The bottom line: AI, when used properly, is a valuable tool for content marketers, but it is no replacement for the real deal.