Why is Blogging Important and How Long Should Blogs Be?

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I have been asked this question many times throughout my career in digital marketing.  The first part of the question has four main answers.  The second part of the question can vary greatly depending on the intent of the blog.

Blogs are IMPORTANT because….

  1. Search Engine Optimization – when you add a blog to your website you are adding new, fresh content for Google to crawl through to pull your site up in search.  Adding fresh content to your website on a consistent basis increases your visibility online.
  • Long Tailed Search – Blogs are excellent at targeting the long-tailed searches that people may be asking the search engines.  Compared to the past, it is way more common than ever before for people to research their issue or ask search engines a question.  For example, if I needed to find someone to fix my tv, I would be likely to search “ways to fix my cracked LG screen” or “how expensive is it to repair my broken LG TV screen?” These are both good examples of long-tailed search.  With voice search more prevalent than ever before, long-tailed searches continue to rise in popularity.
  • Engagement – blogs can be an excellent source of social media content to drive traffic to your website and create engagement amongst your followers and potential clients.
  • Expert – when you consistently provide helpful information to your current and potential clients, they will view you as the expert and go-to person in your profession.

How LONG Should My Blogs Be?

A common misconception is that blogs should be short, due to people’s attention spans being shorter than ever. According to isitwp, since 2014, blog posts have increased in length substantially.  The infographic provided by Buffer titled, The Internet is a Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online, is an excellent go-to for character length for social media posts, blogs and more.

The length of a blog is important. However, pressure to produce a long enough blog should not discourage you from composing one. My blogs are typically about 500 words because that is all I usually feel like writing at a time. The length is UP TO YOU!  All quality content that you add to your website is good content.

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